I love surprises.

I love treats, and I love a big dose of the unknown greeting me as I step out of the bed in the morning.

Don't get me wrong, I need a good base, a foundation if you will, but the adventure lies in the unknown, and I get all giddy and can't stop smiling when something new happens out of the blue, when we take a new road home, an unexpected phone call or letter in the mail, or you find yourself baking little tart treats on a mere Wednesday. The kind of tarts that you´re not sure what to fill with until some ripe pears and colorful local chards snatch your fancy as you slowly passed the local grocer on your way home with lovely friends.

These little off the script surprises and changes that makes everyday a bit more magical.

I live for those.

The other day, two lovely fellow food lovers came by for a playdate, and we got baking, styling and photographing like no ones business.