My story...

I grew up in the countryside in Norway and spent much time in my beloved mother’s kitchen, where she taught me how to cook from scratch, oftentimes with fresh produce from our garden, and how to be creative with food, to never stop exploring and venturing out from the known into new, uncharted food territory.

My father began his journey with food later in life, focusing on the stricter health aspect of it and what different types of ingredients and combinations actually do to our bodies, including all of the sprays, treatments, and other additives used in the modern commercial food industry..

We lived on a small farm with sheep, chickens, and geese.

The beauty of baking with fresh eggs from chickens that have a good life pottering about, nibbling their way through the day come sun or rain, is that it not only lifts the taste and quality of the end product, it also has a direct effect on our health, not to mention the quality of life for the chickens.

I moved back to Norway and rediscovered my cultural roots and heritage, taking great delight in exploring the local food scene. This inspired me to begin my journey full time as a photographer, a visual story teller with food taking the centre stage.

Today I work for as a  food and lifestyle photographer for magazines around the world, and have a varied list of clients in the food industry.

I´m also a passionate home cook, steaming up the windows in my wee english cottage with pots and pans on the stove, and cake baking in the oven.

Food has always been a big part of my life, from my beloved mother's kitchen, to exploring the exciting food scene around the world on my travels.

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