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Voyage: A magazine on food, friends and travel

Voyage: Europe 2012 Remember back in May when beautiful Britt and Ann came to visit me in Norway and join me on my trip to Rome where I spent a month this summer? These two ladies inspire me so,¬†and I … Continue reading

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Enjoying: Picnics, macarons and friends

Days are flying by and soon I’m on my way back to my norwegian island. Can I just say, I wish the world was smaller, that everything was just a hop and a skip away, and not 18 hours away … Continue reading

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Picnic with: Phenomenal women

These days I’ve rediscovering the importance of female friends. How important, beautiful and healing it is to have friends of your own gender, and how their friendship gives strength and warmth unlike any other. Some of these women are friends … Continue reading

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Thank you beautiful Ann!

I don’t know how I missed this, but over at my all-time favorite blog Age old tree, beautiful Ann made a post about my necklaces. I love that she loves them;) And I love that she wears them so well. … Continue reading

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Afternoon wander: Lush hills, green fields and apricots

On our second day in the lush lake district a storm was raging making wise old trees forcefully bend, the wind howled, it rained sideways and our umbrellas quickly turned into sad-looking wilted flowers. After having visited a friers chocolaterie … Continue reading

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Dessert of the day: Macaroons

Do you remember some months ago I helped style a macaroon shoot with beautiful Ann and Mercedes? I did show you some sneak peak shots I took with my iPhone, but here are some more for you to enjoy. Ann … Continue reading

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Inspiring: Come alive with Ann!

  “don’t ask what the world needs. ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -howard thurman Ann Marie is a dear friend and such an inspiration … Continue reading

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Beautiful things: Macaroons

Yesterday was a glorious day! My sweet friend Ann Marie from the blog ‘Age old tree’, called and wanted to know if I’d help out styling a macaroon shoot for a friend. Yes! And, Yes! I could hardly wait to … Continue reading

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Beautiful places: within

This Saturday American boy and I went for an evening gelato extravaganza with this lovely woman and her husband. We ate slowly with small spoons of our rich and flavorful gelato, and while people came and went we talked passionately … Continue reading

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Thank you Ann!

Oh what a sweet surprise! The other day Ann wrote me an email letting me know she had made a petite feature on her blog about my necklaces. What a wonderfully sweet write up she did, and don’t you just … Continue reading

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