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Recipe: Creamy apple cider mussels with garlic bread

If I could pick one lunch dish that I could have over and over it must be freshly steamed mussels in a creamy apple cider sauce with warm garlic bread. Its such comfort food. Its perfect for a little get … Continue reading

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Work, a book and a city guide!

My short time in Norway is going by way too fast! Working, photo-shoots, seeing friends, family and working some more. I’m just swining by to let you know what I’m up to these days. So many of you here, via … Continue reading

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Scones with a twist and my nose buried in vintage cookbooks.

   It snowed, it snowed it snowed! I felt like a giddy little girl this morning as quiet snow danced in the air after a month of it’s absence. Beautiful light filled the kitchen as I headed down in my … Continue reading

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Enjoying: Picnics, macarons and friends

Days are flying by and soon I’m on my way back to my norwegian island. Can I just say, I wish the world was smaller, that everything was just a hop and a skip away, and not 18 hours away … Continue reading

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Photos of the day: Eggs

The chickens are producing like mad lately and our fridge is overflowing with delicious fresh eggs. There are so many fantastic dishes with eggs, but my all time favorite is simply sunny side up, and omelets if I have to;) … Continue reading

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Dish of the day: Norwegian Rømmegrøt

As promised, her’s my favorite rustic comfort-food. It’s silky and smooth in texture and has a little sour-cream zing that is surprisingly good. In Norway this is a very traditional dish, oftentimes served in the summer with thin slices of … Continue reading

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Cooking: Rustic Norwegian food

Last weekend when I was up at our families 200 year old cottage in the Norwegian mountains, cooking was charmingly different than usual. Since this place has no electricity our only source of heat in the kitchen is the wood … Continue reading

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