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Cooking with my mother: Rye cake (bread)

Happy New Year! Im so excited for this brand new year, and I´m kickstarting a new series called Cooking with my mother! My beloved mother is such an amazingly warm, talented, beautiful, fun and wise woman that I´m lucky to … Continue reading

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Recipe: Creamy apple cider mussels with garlic bread

If I could pick one lunch dish that I could have over and over it must be freshly steamed mussels in a creamy apple cider sauce with warm garlic bread. Its such comfort food. Its perfect for a little get … Continue reading

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Recipe: Scone-sticks with rosemary and cheese

I hope you’re still in the baking mode! It’s wonderful that you vere so excited for this recipe. There are many ways to Rome and there is perhaps even more ways to make a delicious scone, but here is one … Continue reading

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Brown cheese and misty landscape

This is the most perfect morning bite. Warm hearty breakfast rolls with soft Norwegian brown cheese. The moment I land from a trip abroad I dive into the fridge to fish out the brown cheese. To me it is infused … Continue reading

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Recipe: Baked apples with cinnamon and raisins

Some days are not as calm as others, and these past days have passed in a whirlwind! In fact this baked apples dessert was supposed to be styled with both ice cream, chopped almonds and raisins… but amidst starting it … Continue reading

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Enjoying: Picnics, macarons and friends

Days are flying by and soon I’m on my way back to my norwegian island. Can I just say, I wish the world was smaller, that everything was just a hop and a skip away, and not 18 hours away … Continue reading

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Food: Farmer’s market downtown Oslo

Today was a productive and wonderful day spent downtown. I met with great photographers, talked about projects, planned a new adventure, got my  promos started, and had a great little cafe-visit by the harbour. The sun peaked through every now … Continue reading

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Food memories: Norwegian boller {part two}

  The sun is up and the snow is melting! I’m about to head out in the warmth for a run, but this morning I realized that since many of you may not be familiar with the Norwegian sweet rolls, … Continue reading

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Food memories: Norwegian Boller (Updated)

There’s some changes going on on the blog, as you may have noticed, and it will take a while till it will be tweaked into what I’d like it to be, so I hope you’ll be patient with me as … Continue reading

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Dish of the day: Parmesan toast

To everyone that participated in the giveaway, it’s been so much fun with such sweet feedback and comments. The winner Gisela wrote such a heartfelt and warm email that I was quite moved. Isn’t it wonderful that we can connect … Continue reading

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