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Hotel: The Purbeck house Hotel

Tucked away on a charming hilltop in the victorian seaside town of Swanage, is a gorgeous gem of a Hotel, filled with beautiful history and artefacts from a bygone era. This summer I had the privilege of meeting the delightful … Continue reading

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Recipe: Homemade Gnocchi di patate with sage butter

Last fall I was shooting a story for Cereal magazine at Geitmyra food center for children. It´s such a beautiful old place smack bang in the middle of Oslo in a green oasis with old houses from the 1800th century. … Continue reading

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Recipe: Creamy garlic Spaghettini with quail egg

 When winter wraps the landscape in white, and the temperature tempts you to spend every day inside in front of the fireplace, I need comfort food… I need pasta! This dish is perfectly tasty, fun and quick to make. I … Continue reading

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Recipe: Tagliatelle with a creamy stilton sauce with physalis

I must admit that my quest for making the perfect burger has not gone by without a few hiccups. Having watched my beloved mother make delicious burgers and meatballs since I was old enough to sit on the counter next … Continue reading

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Hunting for: The perfect hamburger and fries

 How are you and how is your January detox going?! I must admit that my no stress, eat more healthy, drink lots of water and only sugar on the weekends plan for January, after a wonderful December food fest plan, … Continue reading

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Recipe: Honey glazed pheasant with rustic and rich mashed potatoes

The other day as the fall storms were raging outside and sweet friend of mine called to tell me that she had a fresh young pheasant for me and invited herself over if I cooked dinner:) I simply adore friends … Continue reading

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Recipe: Norwegian pancakes with almond milk and blueberries

 Large parts of my childhood took place in my beloved mother open kitchen. When it rained, the fireplace in the kitchen was lit and comfort food like pancakes was made. We ate them three different ways, and even to this … Continue reading

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A fog wander with a hearty tomato soup to warm our hands on

  The most fantastic heavy blanket of fog still lingers over the landscape. It’s been over a week and counting. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the weather. Everything is lush, green grass everywhere, flowers are blooming … Continue reading

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Dish of the day: French onion soup

Now, since it’s raining outside I simply needed to post this French onion soup I made earlier this summer. After a wander through Beatrix Potter’s home we’re ready for a little dinner snack, non? There are many way to make … Continue reading

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