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Recipe: Mince pie and a little video

In the cold months of winter, nestling up inside with a treat become a habit. At breakfast I think about lunch, and while wandering the streets of a cozy english countryside village I dream of finding the perfect little cafe … Continue reading

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Recipe: Delicious carrot cake with coconut and vanilla frosting

  For those of you that have been following me on instagram you know how much I love a good carrot cake. I think it may be one of my favorite cakes, when done right. At times when I need … Continue reading

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Dessert: Blackberry and pomegranat Eaton mess

My eyes have recently been opened to the decadent and oh-so-delicious English dessert Eaton mess. Let me just start off my telling you that I have been missing out! How did I not know about this dessert until now! It´s … Continue reading

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Thick hot chocolate, an ode to fall…

Fall is playing dress up with the landscape on my island and I’m in love with this seasons colours of wilted yellow, crisp brown and soft warm peach. The afternoon sun dances in mon petite studio each day so of … Continue reading

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Recipe: Baked apples with tangy cherry sauce

  Dark clouds and heavy fall storms sail over my little fjord island these days. Hail, sideways rain and sun fight over our attention as they dance tango across the sky. I absolutely love it, even though I got soaked … Continue reading

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Recipe: Ode to summer, a simple Blackberries dessert

The sun has done wonders with fruite and vegetables by this time of year in Norway, and ripe little berries are dangling in the garden bursting with flavor. The winds are fast changing though, preparing far the fall ahead, a … Continue reading

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Recipe: Little blueberry snack and Design Sponge feature

Before I jump in and share food images from Rome with you, I’ll share this easy little food snack, since arriving here in Rome it’s been no time to do the usual recipes for you due to work. This little … Continue reading

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Recipe: Homemade Nutella

There’s still some left of the weekend, right? My intention was to have this up in time for the weekend, but instead it’s now just in time for the week, which is maybe even better. Why? Well, because you can … Continue reading

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Recipe: Decadent white chocolate dessert with lime

I hope you’re ready for this delicious dessert. It’s one of those sweet things that it’s hard to show self control with. While making it I was just going to have a small taste, just one spoon, and then before … Continue reading

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Decadent white chocolate dessert with lime and a worrisome heart.

 This decadent white chocolate dessert have been on my mind for a while. So after some wonderfully hectic days, filled with great news, I just went for it. No special occasion other than celebrating life a bit, on a mere … Continue reading

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