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Recipe: Afternoon tea with delicious clotted cream

I´ve been talking so much about afternoon tea with scones and clotted cream, that it´s about time we have some, and since weekends are all about comfort and a bit of downtime, this recipe will work wonders. I´ve been to … Continue reading

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Thick hot chocolate, an ode to fall…

Fall is playing dress up with the landscape on my island and I’m in love with this seasons colours of wilted yellow, crisp brown and soft warm peach. The afternoon sun dances in mon petite studio each day so of … Continue reading

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How beautiful life is indeed…

This absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful video, via beautiful Ann, made me stop in my tracks today. I’m in the fast lane of life these days, and this gem felt so utterly calming that I have to share it with you. I’d … Continue reading

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Poetry, fabric and winter decorations, a new year has begun.

There is poery in everything, truly everything around us, in every single detail. In little unexpected breezes, raindrops, whispers, old hangers, and christmas decorations;) A sweet twitter follower gave me a wonderufl advise some weeks ago when I posted a … Continue reading

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A peak into a sun-filled studio, and days spent living!

The pace these days are leaving me breathless at my own doorstep with a million things rushing through my mind and about a thousand plans running in and out of my heart. Life just went from a wonderful meandering pace … Continue reading

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Found: A vintage austrian hunting hat

Oh, I´ve had such lovely days here in Stockholm and I´m sad to leave, for now. It´s been foggy, sunny and cold, but this city looks so fantastically beautiful no matter how she´s dressed! And if dressing is on your … Continue reading

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Tea of the day: Rosemary with raspberry honey

I’ve finally been able to figure out my lightroom and camera problem, so now I can start sharing some of what has been happening lately, travel, food and projects. The mist have been low on the horizon these last few … Continue reading

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Picnic with: Phenomenal women

These days I’ve rediscovering the importance of female friends. How important, beautiful and healing it is to have friends of your own gender, and how their friendship gives strength and warmth unlike any other. Some of these women are friends … Continue reading

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Photo of the day: My great grandparents first silverware

The other day my beloved mother gave me a white box with my great grandparents first silverware. It’s wasn’t the fancy kind, as it’s only coated in silver and had ages beautifully over the years. These are treasures I collect … Continue reading

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Shoes: Our brand new espadrilles has arrived!

Our super comfy handmade espadrilles has arrived!! We’re so excited to show you more, but I thought I’d start by sharing our samles in jeans with you. I’ve been walking around in these gems for days now and they just … Continue reading

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