Warm drink: Cappuccino


 To there´s nothing more Italian than the cappuccino, even if it wasn’t on the menu till the 1930´s.

And in Italy you can have your cappuccino more than one way.

For the caffein addicted, and those in need of a little pick me upper, the normal caffeinated cappuccino will do, or you can skip all that jazz and  have a decaf.

However my favorite is made of roasted barley, called orzo.


I love the flavor and I love my cappuccino, but I´m not huge fan of caffeinated drinks, as caffeine slow down the nutrient intake of the food we eat so that cancels out all the good stuff I try to feed my body during the day.

Decaf is not always any better of an alternative due to all the chemicals used to detract the caffein,  so when I can order a Cappuccino d´Orzo, I´m in heaven.

Roasted barley drink with that familiar fluffy foam.

If you live in the states or england and even Norway, I believe there´s a brand called Perron that you can get at your local supermarket and make your very own Cappuccino d´Orzo at home.

But let´s face it, like afternoon tea, cappuccino´s are best enjoyed at the many great coffee houses, bars and cafes around.

I´m a true cafe cappuccino fiend.

There´s something about the buzz, the extravagance of having someone else make you the warm drink, serve you and for you to just linger and enjoy.

On my recent trip to Iceland I skimped on my love for d´orzo had had the regular kind.

I didn´t have too much time to explore the different coffee shops, and cafes around, but in Reykjavik my favorite place so far, and this might change as I visit again for an upcoming job, is Kaffismidja.







This corner house cafe has great light streaming through its open space, a great coffee menu, and delicious brioche!

(take my word for it, you want this one with your cappuccino)

I went there with a delightful little group, beautiful Alice Gao, Rosa Park and Rich Stapleton from the great Cereal magazine.

(For coffee shops in Paris Alice has a great post here)


We talked, enjoyied our warm drinks and relaxed for a few before heading out in the cold.

It was a needed little break from a wonderfully busy schedule exploring Iceland.

I don´t know about you, but one of the things I particularly love about enjoying a little moment in a cafe is the people watching…

It feels like I´m allowed little peeks and trailers of people´s lives.

This week, after the Iceland trip, has gone by too fast with fun food magazine shoots in an old island estate. Now I´m prepping for a photo-shoot in London next week and a well needed three day vacation in the Cotswolds, and I cannot wait!!

I try to balance life and work, but I must admit that its quite the challenging act to balance.

I greatly admire those that are able to separate the two better, as my work and life seem all tangled up in one wonderfully great knot.

My little way of taking a break are small moments on cafes with a cappuccino…

Little break that I can scatter about and sprinkle on busy weeks like frosting on a cupcake.

What are you´re favorite ways of little daily or weekly breaks?

Do you have a favorite place for enjoying your cappuccino?


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