A magical journey…


 Last week was magical as I visited Iceland for the very first time.

It´s dramatic landscape and ever changing weather made for the most fantastic  sceneries.

Wild mountaintops topped with snow peeking through mist, black lava troll landscape covered in soft neon green moss, flat grass covered fields as long as the eye could see basking in sun shine and windswept valleys melancholically moody and dark.

One hour in Iceland could go from sun, rain wind and hail all depending on which side of the car you disembarked from.

It was indeed a week full of magic.


I´m so grateful for the talented people behind this trip, who with their wonderful ability to host made this wonderfully intense week such a pleasure. And for the locals that opened their museums, boats, restaurants, hotels and hearts to us, and shared their love for this beautiful country.

Besides offering a feast for the eyes landscape wise, the food culture on this island was so fascinating and delicious to explore.

I´ll share more from my trip soon.


These images are from our time in Hofn, in the south east.

On our way back from the glacier Vatnajøkul, we stopped for refreshments at a small museum and restaurant dedicated to the Icelandic writer Thorbergur Thordarson.

I loved seeing the ocean and wild mountains through the windows were quotes from his writings were neatly written in Icelandic.

Some of the letters seem so fascinating to me, and I fell in love with the d with a line over it pronounced like th in that.

Such a cool letter!


If you´re wondering what part of the world to explore next, put Iceland on your list, you won´t regret it.

Bon Voyage!


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