Travel: Rome and breathtaking moments


 As I sit here in front of my Mac retouching for clients trying to get it all done before upcoming food photo-shoots next week and am exciting food trip to Iceland, my thoughts wander off to Rome, sun and gelato.

Last June I spend 1 month in Rome doing research for some upcoming food projects and studying Baroque art through the university of Oslo.

One afternoon when the city was boiling and friends were scattered off in all four corners I wintered deeper into St Peter´s basilica with a friend to view the city from the top, it´s religious top.

We stood in line for hours, wiping sweet pearls off our foreheads, crawled and walked sideways through the thick walls inside the basilica making our way slowly towards its heart.

It was a rather sticky experience, and I´ve never been more happy to take the first breath of fresh cool air as we popped out on the top of the dome viewing the grand city of Rome at our feet.

I filled my lungs with fresh air and took in the majestic view.

It was breathtaking.

Every now and then I need moments that takes my breath away, no matter how sticky and hot it has been to get to that point.

Those moments fuels me on and makes me so grateful to be alive, to live right now in this fast paced time full of endless possibilities, full of adventure waiting around every corner.

That afternoon in Rome filled me right up.

And no matter how often or seldom we really do experience these truly breathtaking and majestic moments, I need them as much as my lungs needs to expand with fresh new air every so often.

It makes me grateful.

If all this talking of Rome makes you hungry here is my recipe for some homemade pasta and here is a great tagliatelle dish with creamy stilton (blue cheese) sauce with physalis.

Happy Sunday!

PS: Want to enjoy more of Rome?

Check out our Voyage magazine on travel and food!



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