Happy valentine´s day: A windspwet day and a warm cup of tea.


On a gray and misty day in December last year, my english gentleman swept me off to Swanage, an old victorian seaside town, on an old steam train.

It was a cold and miserable day, but anything goes when in great company…

So we wandered down the old pier and talked.


Rain drops hung on our noses before bravely diving into the vigorous sea below the pier, and the wind tugged ever so not gently on the hair.

I love a windswept little adventure to the sea, just long enough for you to get perfectly uncomfortably cold and then head indoors to warm up on a warm cup of tea and feel like the luckiest girl in the world…


It´s the small things in life, non?

The little everyday adventures that makes life so darn wonderful!

To me that´s valentine´s, those sweet little moments you share with your favorite person sprinkled out throughout the year.

They create these treasured memories I secretly pull out when the weather inside matched this day´s cold and wet.

Those are the moments that make up life…

Happy valentine´s day!


Don´t buy me roses or chocolates, but sweep me away on a miserable wednesday in December to a little windswept place to kiss me with your cold lips.

That is how I want my valentine´s day to be, divided up into little pieces and sprinkled on dull Wednesdays like delicious icing throughout the year.




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3 Responses to Happy valentine´s day: A windspwet day and a warm cup of tea.

  1. Katie says:

    this is downright magical :) and expresses my sentiments about valentine’s day exactly!

  2. Jane says:

    I am tingling at the thought! Thank you for a beautiful post Marte Marie:)

  3. yael says:

    i love the black and white/colour together. esspecialy the see and the man with the hat.Happy valentine´s