My new english studio, client work and a spinach burger.



Today I had a little inauguration shoot in my new english studio and I am so excited to be using my new space that I just had to show you the beautiful light that emerges form the window like a soft breeze.

There’s no heating yet, so my breath came out as white winter clouds, but I loved using my new studio with rustic stone walls and a little north facing window.

It’s perfect!

Never mind the cold, I was beyond excited to be doing a photo-shoot for a client in my new studio.

And as it happens, it was vegetable burger!

Now, I know there are so many varieties of this and most of them are not that tasty, but this one with spinach, ginger, parmesan, chill, breadcrumbs and ChiaX was really good.

It’s a light little snack with a lot of taste and packed full of nutrients, so all in all a perfect January treat.

I’m still working on recreating the perfect burger and fries for you, and as I’m creating, styling and shooting for clients in mon petit english studio these days, my food plugs have been inspired greatly.

So, I guess I’m as excited as you to see how this “perfect” burger and fries turn out at the end of the week, so stay tuned.

Wishing you all a lovely day!


(For recipe to the above Spinach and ChiaX burger in Norwegian go here.)

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