Hunting for: The perfect hamburger and fries


 How are you and how is your January detox going?!

I must admit that my no stress, eat more healthy, drink lots of water and only sugar on the weekends plan for January, after a wonderful December food fest plan, will need to be postponed till February.

There’s still too much good food around!

A couple of weekends ago, amidst my hasty and overeager plan of a bit of a health kick in January plan, my english gentleman and I went to a perfectly charming pub in the heart of  Wimborn.

It was one of those perfectly loungy Saturdays where you end up ordering snack, drinks, a meal, more drinks and before you know it the sun has gone down and it’s time for a cup of something warm and a dash of dessert.

After a petit wander around is small windy streets visiting specialty shops and finding lots of great props, we found a table by the window at The Olive branch ( note: photos on the web are not updated to the cozy feel it has today) and ordered the most delicious and perfectly small sized hamburger with tasty fries in a cup.

You know what you ordered was good when you both eat in silence with a bit of a smirk.

A good hamburger is hard to find, and I’ve has some pretty good ones while travelling in America eating in small diners across this large continent, however when this delightful and perky hamburger showed up on a cutting board with just the right amount of relish, melted cheese and mustard on the side, I had to give it to the English for making my perfect Hamburger dream come true on this side of the continent.



The olive branch is not even a proper hamburger place, nor is it one of a kind, so it was quite surprising that an English chain pub should have cracked the burger code.

When it comes to my dream burger less is definitely more, and if the cheese is not melted I’m not even tucking into it.

But when it’s just a little handful of deliciousness with bacon, tasty and juicy meat, melted cheddar cheese, a bit of crunch and a great bun, it had me at hello, and I’ll be coming back for more.


Now, I’m sure you agree, the presentation of food is crucial.

The interior of a place, the way you’re greeted, the way it smells, and how the food is presented to you is all a part of the eating experience, and this pub simply delivered.

Maybe it was a lucky day, but on that rather chilly Saturday two weeks back I was in Hamburger heaven.

Do you have a favourite burger place?

My all time favourite burger place in the America is ‘The burger joint’ in New York.

Tucked away to the right of the coat rack inside a big hotel downtown, you thick you’ve landed in an old burger shack.

It’s a small, room with a big line, this city secret will have you waiting for your burger, but it is so worth it!

My task at hand now is trying to recreate the perfect burger and fries at home!


Over the next week I’ll be cooking away in my kitchen here in England to see if I can crack the burger code too.

Do you have a favourite recipe?!


I’ve called up my beloved mother and asked for her homemade meatball recipe which will be my starting point as it’s so tasty.

But when it comes to the fries all I know is that I like them rustic with the skin, golden and with crunch!

Do you have a trick to creating the perfect fries at home?

After all this, let the healthier life start up again.

Wishing you all a great Tuesday!



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2 Responses to Hunting for: The perfect hamburger and fries

  1. Just makes me want to eat that much more – gorgeous photography!!!


  2. Artem says:

    I looove the chopping board pic! Beautiful :)

    The rest of the recipe is also illustrated in rough brutality…lovely touch to some honest hamburger. Thank you!