Tea: The afternoon tea tradition…

marte_marie_forsberg_20130112IMG_0587Afternoon tea, the delightful tradition that is as english as the queen mother.

It seems to have been around forever, yet we owe this cozy ritual to Anna Maria, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, for introducing us to Afternoon tea.

In the mid 19th century, Anna Maria, simply could not bear the tumbling tummy between lunch and dinner, so she insisted she be brought tea and cakes between 2 and 5 pm to stop hunger pains, oh how we are kindred spirits!


 The British are very proud of their tea tradition, and since 1886, when queen Victoria held her first Royal tea party at Buckingham palace, they have been unstoppable.

And I for one, wish they’d never turn the heat off of the teapot.

I love the little breaks that involve tea, but I especially adore afternoon tea when one can nibble on scones and clotted cream with jam, small cucumber sandwiches and little cakes and biscuits in a small tea room.

A little piece of heaven, really;)





As I’m exploring England these days, and particularly the Dorset area, I’m falling hard for the english countryside and its charming villages and towns.

Last Saturday, my english gentleman, introduced me to yet another charming place, called Morton house hotel, taught me how to play draughts, and dunk my biscuit properly in a cup of tea without having it come apart, an art-form really.

All these little pieces make up the wonderful afternoon tea tradition for me.



(If you’re looking for a sweet little weekend getaway with a loved one or even just need a couple of days off by yourself, this place with it’s surrounding beauty, is just the thing.)

We sat for hours nipping to tea, sketching, planning the week ahead and listening to the huge crackling fireplace.



The walls were adorned in dark wood, small windows set in the thick stone walls allowed for just the right amount of dim light to come through.

When it all boils down to it I must say, as Kara Rosenlund (a very talented props stylist and with the most charming travelling props shop in a beautiful caravan!!) mentioned on instagram yesterday…

‘Why is it that tea always tastes better when someone else makes it?…’

Afternoon tea defiantly tastes better when someone else makes it!

One can easily boil the water, fill the tea cup, add the tea and milk, but oh boy how delightfully delicious it is when one can take a seat in a charming little tea house, cafe or hotel lounge and be served steaming hot tea in its own pot.

Strange how such a simple thing as a cup of tea can make you feel better instantly!

It’s the perfect break in a day, with the comfort of solitude and pleasure of company.

So I raise my tea cup to Anna Maria and her rumbling tummy for introducing such a wonderful tradition that me and so many with me cannot seem to be able to live without.



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