Restaurant: The Ducksoup in Soho, London


 I was introduced to Ducksoup by the talented chef Julian Biggs.

Infact he is the founder of Ducksoup and is the brain behind the fun and ever evolving menu (changes twice a day)that usually makes my tastebuds tingle with simple, tasty and fun flavour combination delight.

Take the porkbelly I had there last time I was in London.

It was tender and tasty with a crunch to the skin that almost put the Norwegian “ribbe” crust to shame…almost… But it was the bean broth with different herbs and garlic that truly made it the delicious and warm winter lunch treat you’re really hoping for.

Warm, tasty, crunchy and full of soothing soft flavours that make you want to return again and again.

Oh, and put their wine list on your to-drink list as well!


Ducksoup is a small restaurant that has a great vibe and by all means they do not only serve up a good pork belly.

My favorite part of choosing to eat there for lunch is how the menu is put together, made up by many small dishes to choose from and some that can be a complete lunch on its own.

It feel like it’s Aperitivo time in Milano or Rome, ordering a nice drink and nibbling on countless small dishes served up around the bar.


It’s fun filling up a table with friends where we all order two or three different dishes and share.

Aperitivo time at noon is what I’m all about!

I’ve yet to explore Ducksoup at night, but apparently it’s quite the place in the evening where the old record player fills the little restaurant with old school ambiance.

Incidently it was over a lunch with Julian at Ducksoup that I was introduced to Joe Warwick a food writer and author of the newly released bible for a travelling foodie called ” Where chefs eat” published by Phaidon.

Looking for a place to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, in your old city or just crusing through Oslo, San Francisco, London or New York and need some recommendations, not by a mere travel guide, but from chefs working in the city your at.

Chefs recommending their top places to eat in your chosen city, yup, that’s right, it’s a little bit of genius really.

Trust me, if you buy one food related book this year make it “Where chefs eat” by Joe Warwick.


 When I travel and end up consuming many a meal by myself, and I treasure this time, lingering by a table, enjoying a bit of downtime, people watching, daydreaming and planning for upcoming projects and shoots.

Ducksoup is a great place to take a seat by the long bar that is the heart of the restaurant or book the one and only table by the window and plan your next place to eat in London while resting your feet.

And being a food photographer, I always end up going a wee big Instagram crazy when I visit, it’s delicious food for both eye and belly.

PS: Be sure to book a table ahead for lunch and dinner on the weekends, it fills up quick.

Here’s a little moment from the Ducksoup for you…

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4 Responses to Restaurant: The Ducksoup in Soho, London

  1. yummy! looks so cozy!

  2. Zsofia says:

    Beautiful pictures! Your love for food is literally visible

  3. Marte Marie says:

    @Zsofia Hi! Thank you:)

  4. Marte Marie says:

    @Raspberry essence: Thank you! It’s a great place:)