Christmas tree hunting in England…

I remember when I was a little girl heading off into the woods behind our house to chop down a christmas tree with my father.

I was over the top excited and though my dad was the toughest man in the world carrying the old ax ready to hunt down a tree!

When the tree was hunted down, chopped at the perfect spot and dragged home, we used to put it up overnight in the basement for it to acclimatize so it would keep its green needles longer.

I oculd not wait for them to bring it up to the nicer living room on the other side of our house next to the floor to ceiling fireplace.

Following family tradition we´d all help get it setteled in it´s spot in the living room, but my parents would after us kids where tucked in to bed on the 23rd of December decorate the tree and put all the brightly wrapped gifts underneath it.

Needless to say I was up as early as I could on the 24th and would sneak down in my pj`s with one of my brothers to start the endless shaking, guessing and peaking at presents.

Ahh, the anticipation was overwhelming!

This last weekend I was lucky enough to go Christmas hunting with my english gentleman.

The air was crisp, the sun was out and off we went into the english woods to find our tree.

We woke up to frost that morning, and even if I am very much Norwegian, I was thrilled there was no snow.

I adore the fall, and love a bit of snow around christmas, but having left Norway for – 15 degrees some days earlier, the mild english winter and the sun was such a treat.

I feel so grateful for this time of year and to be able to spend it with dear family and friends.

Even if one can gather at all random times of the year around a good meal or a walk in the forest, the Holidays are the perfect excuse to spend more time together.

As the sun dipped under the horizon we had literally managed to stuffed the a-lot-larger-than-we-thought christmas tree in the car and headed off to warm our hands on a cup of tea.

Days like this call for a bit of a treat, and the holiday season is to me just a month long excuse to enjoy the sweeter side of life.

On this trip to England I was introduced to mulled wine and minced pie.That my english gentleman treated me to after a wonderful afternoon per suing Christmas markets and antique shops.

 I found the combination to be the perfect, so coming up next is my versions of mulled wine and minced pie.

Hoping you´re all having a lovely Holiday season!

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