Recipe: Creamy apple cider mussels with garlic bread

If I could pick one lunch dish that I could have over and over it must be freshly steamed mussels in a creamy apple cider sauce with warm garlic bread.

Its such comfort food.

Its perfect for a little get together with friends, as an appetizer and as a fun and comforting fall lunch dish.

My english gentleman and I, let´s just call him B had a lovely mussels lunch in a cozy little tea room in a small english countryside village.

The tea room had such a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The fire was crackling away, the wind was roaring outside and we were kept warm inside the thick old stone walls, enjoying a tasty mussels dish that I´ve recreated for you here.

Since I grew up on a fjord island in Norway there were always a vast access to fresh mussels, either right off the boats or just a quick swim and catch away.

In the summer I would eagerly read in the local newspapers where the best areas to pick mussels were, and I recall picking them fresh as we spent summers on the boat as a family, adding nothing but some butter and garlic in the pot before tossing in the mussels over an open fire on the beach in the evening.

Childhood summers spent on the boat are a part of my favorite times looking back.

In Norway summer days seem to never end as the sun merly dips under the horizon, here south, for about an hour or two before popping its golden face up again.

It was perfectly wonderful to fall asleep to lazy sun-rays playing softly with my checks as the waves rocked me to sleep on the boat.

This recipe is simple and quick with a beautiful creamy zing of apple-cider to celebrate sunny days when fall has me in its moody embrace.

When not making mussels at home and in Oslo this is my all-time favorite place to have creamy mussels with fries and aioli.

The atmosphere is filled with history of bygone glamourous days.

It´s located next to the beautiful National Theater where I worked back in the day.

When in Oslo next head on over here to indulge in a creamy lunch dish while spying on strangers passing by the big windows.

If you feel like nestling up alone with your lunch and read a magazine from the big kiosk on the corner ask for their perfectly old dark wood booths.

What is your favorite mussels recipe or restaurant to eat mussels in?

Creamy apple cider mussels




(Serves two mildly hungry people)

1 kg fresh mussels

2-3 gralic cloves

2dl apple cider

2dl whipping cream


Pepper mix

3 tbs butter (unsalted)




Wash the mussels in cold water and discard the ones that are open.

Peal and chop the garlic cloves

In medium to big pot over medium head, melt butter with garlic cloves until golden.

Add the applecider and let it simmer until half the liquid has evaporated.

Add the mussels, put a lid on and let them do their magic for about 4 minutes.

When the mussles are done they have opened. Discard the ones that do not open.

Add the whipping cream and a bit of freshly grind pepper.

With the lid on the pot, toss the about a couple of times so the creamy delicious sauce mixes in with the open mussels.

Sprinkle over half a handful of fresh and finely chopped coriander.

PS: There´s no need to add salt or water to this dish as when the mussels open saltwater comes out and naturally flavors it all.

Serve immediately with warm garlic bread on the side for dipping in the rich creamy sauce.


Garlic butter

( the way my beloved mother does it)

Preheat ove to 200 degrees

For one small French baguette take 2-3 garlic cloves and finely grate them over a small bowl.

Finely chop, parsly, dill, and chives

With a for mash 1 stick or about 200g of room temperated butter (salted) with the garlic and fresh herbs. Feel free to add whatever more herbs you like.

Slice up the french baguette, but do not let the knife cut all the way leaving all the slices attached to the baguette.

Between each slice smear a good amount of the garlic butter before popping it in the oven on a rack with a tray underneath to catch crumbs and the butter.

Leave in untill golden, about 5 min.


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