Recipe: Honey glazed pheasant with rustic and rich mashed potatoes

The other day as the fall storms were raging outside and sweet friend of mine called to tell me that she had a fresh young pheasant for me and invited herself over if I cooked dinner:)

I simply adore friends like that!

She and her friend had been biking around on our insland when a car gently hit a wild pheasant and drove off.

The bird died peacefully on the side of the road and my friend picked put it on her bike to take home.

So yesterday afternoon amidst busy days we took a quiet moment to prepare the beautiful bird and made a lovely rustic dinner for two by mon petit kitchen window.

This is by no means a gourmet dinner, but more of a rustic fall comfort meal with a bit of a zing;)

Warm fall colored leafs swirld around outside as the cold fall wind tossed it around, and we snuggled up inside in my cozy kitchen with a bit of a feast for two.


What you need


3-4 big potatoes of your choice, I used…

1-2 dl whipping cream

4-5 Tbs (topped) salted rich butter

3-4 garlic cloves

2-4 )topped) Tbs cheese ( mature camembert, a good cheddar)

Thyme for springkling


2 Pheasant breasts (chicken or turkey)


Duck fat/butter





How to make


Mashed potato

Rinse and scrub the fresh potatoes in cold water, but do not peal.

Cut each potato in half then the halves in half again, if the potatoes are big.

Fill a big pot with cold water, add potatoes, garlic and salt and heat up on medium to hight heat.

When boiling, lower the temperature a tad so the potatoes can softly boil until tender and easy to mash with a fork. (don’t boil them to complete mush, leave a bit of tenderness in the potatoes, like the pasta, leave al dente:)

When the right consistency is reached, after about 20 min with a fork or a masher, mash the potatoes with the butter, then add the whipping cream until you feel it has the right consistency to your taste, mash in the cheese and add some salt after your own tasting.

Serve warm next to the honey glazed pheasant breasts with mint and apple gel and truffle mustard.



(if you don´t have pheasant breasts you can easily do this with chicken or turkey too)

Simply heat up a skilled with 1 tbs duck fat.

Pu the filets down with the skin up.

Glaze the filets with the honey on the skin side and heat for about 5-6 min before turning it over for another 3 min until the meat is cooked through but leaves a tiny hint of pink in the middle.

Serve with a sprinkle of salt and thyme.


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