Recipe: Afternoon tea with delicious clotted cream

I´ve been talking so much about afternoon tea with scones and clotted cream, that it´s about time we have some, and since weekends are all about comfort and a bit of downtime, this recipe will work wonders.

I´ve been to England quite a few times in my life, however the delicious, rich a creamy wonder called clotted cream has managed to be unknown to me until last years visit to the lake district, here and here.

And after my last visit (go here) a couple a weeks ago to this peace of paradise in England, I found myself so hooked on the creamy delight that upon my return to Norway I simply had to make a batch for sudden cravings.

Now, when I posted some pictures of clotted cream on instagram during my visit to england, many of you asked what it was, and since I´m still in the wee beginning of decoding the mysteries of this rich deliciousness that is the perfect spread for scones, here is the definition:

I´m not sure exactly what it is that makes this creamy delight so addictive, but I know for a fact that once you´ve tasted it there is no going back.

It´s so silky in consistence, so creamy when you swirl your knife in it to search for the perfect amount for the scone, and the perfect amount is a lot, and it melts so sweetly on the tongue that you can´t help it but feel a bit in love.

Toss out any inhibition, thoughts on diets, bikini season or good reasoning, when it comes to clotted cream it´s all about lust, and it´s ok to give in, after all as far as I´m concerned, when it comes to clotted cream we only live once.

This whole business of afternoon tea is such a charming ritual that it should be adopted all over the world.

I´ve come to the conclusion that afternoon tea might be the best thing ever invented, and I´m wholeheartedly adopting both the tea ceremony and the scone with clotted cream part, they go hand in hand anyway.

And to top it all off, by all means, spread a thick layer of fruity jam on top of it all will you!

Since I´m in the wee beginning of my clotted cream education I´ve yet to make any recipe my own and will simply direct you to one that is easy to make, albeit it take s a bit of patience, but when one is waiting for something good, one never waits in vain…


How to make


Head on over to this great food blog for an easy step by step guide to clotted cream.

Happy weekend!


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6 Responses to Recipe: Afternoon tea with delicious clotted cream

  1. Imen says:

    Hello Marie,
    What beauty……gosh, you make scones, jam and clotted cream look like a dream. Thanks for sharing my recipe….it really is so easy and unbelievably flavourful. All best, Imen x

  2. …ahhh, that age old debate…Cornish or Devonshire?
    Depending upon the county you are in cream teas are assembled differently…cream then jam=Devon…jam then cream=Cornwall.
    Your rather delicious looking tea would be Cornish, my own preference, how very wise you are,

    Sarah -x-

  3. Marte Marie says:

    @Sara-Jane I´m so new to this I had no idea! But I guess we´re on the same side of things then:)

  4. Marte Marie says:

    @Imen Thank you! I was searching for a good recipe and found yours on your beautiful blog, so THANK YOU;)

  5. Just discovered a link to your beautiful blog whilst reading a post by Emiko Davies. Love the look of these scones and your photography is so peaceful. Thanks for the clotted cream link as well – definitely need to try making some myself!

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