Travel: Corfe castle, England

There´s a place that moved my heart as soon as I laid eyes on it.

This tiny stone cottage filled village, with an old castle in the middle simply had me at hello.

When my British gentleman pulled over his rover, parked next to a beautiful old church and asked me if I like it, it was hard to really say anything…I think I may have giggely smiled.

What´s not to like, really…

I simply adore old buidlings with a soul you can hear, feel and touch.

These historic monuments links us to our past, fills me with a sense of belonging and make me feel like a small part of a big whole.

It feels so wonderful to walk on cobblestones pathways that has been there for hundreds of years, to let my hands rest on these thick stone walls and feel the past rush through my veins.

We wandered slowly through the streets on our way to Corfe castle, with a pit stop in a lovely tea room, where we warmed our hands on afternoon tea and lustfully indulged in scones with clotted cream.

I felt so increadibly lucky as I sipped to my tea and spread another layer of clotted cream on my scone.

The fog embraced nature like a fairy spun silk veil and water diamonds hung heavy on ivy that had clung to these ancient walls for centuries witnessing time go by.

There is that sense of awe that can feel a bit overwhelming when visiting such places.

One can only silently imagine what the castle and life in it would have looked like back then.

And every now and then when the wind brushed softly against my cheek and played with my hair it felt like a whisper from the past.

We need places like this to exist.

We need to hear and feel these stories form the past, so as not to lose track of where we fit into the puzzle, that we are not only passing through, but continuing on a path carved out by our ancestors long before we took our first baby steps on this planet.

As we walked back to the rover, my heart felt full of happiness and gratitude.

Grateful that places like this still exists…

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8 Responses to Travel: Corfe castle, England

  1. patricia says:

    So beautiful, it gave me chills! These ruins transported me back to Jane Eyre and the first time I read the book in high school, it’s exactly how I would have pictured “Thornfield” and the surrounding village. Absolutely transporting, and revealing, because isn’t life supposed to imitate art? And this entry did!

  2. What beautiful words and pictures. Corfe is indeed a magical place. You’ve captured it so well in that ethereal fog. I think that castle suits a grey day.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Nydelig. Er så glad for at jeg har funnet bloggen din ^^

  4. Marte Marie says:

    @Elisabeth Å, så hyggelig å høre:)

  5. Marte Marie says:

    @Rusty How nice to hear, I´m glad you feel that way. It was such a wonderful day and such a beautiful place. I loved the visit:)

  6. Marte Marie says:

    @Patricia What a sweet thing to say! Yes, indeed, life is supposed to imitate art;)

  7. Your pictures are breathtaking. They really capture the spirit of that little town.

  8. oh you paint the picture of my beloved England so beautifully…