Travel: Isle of Purbeck, England

Sometime a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.

It comes a time when she just need to pick up a bag and head to the airport to explore and relax in uncharted territory.

And that is exactly what I did this last week.

A well needed vacation to green rolling hills, steep beautiful cliffs, thatched cottages, and with a dash of afternoon tea and scones.

On this trip I was reminded of the importance of surrounding myself with good people, people who bring you up, who are positive, who have integrity, who do not take the road of least resistance, and who treat others with respect and love.

There are enough of the other kind…

I was reminded of the importance of reaching up, choosing to give rather than take, and to always, always, see ourselves as a small part of a whole.

This world is after all built up by little you and and me, not on any of us alone.

I spent days wandering the misty green hills, sipping to warm tea by the window in my charming bed and breakfast that has the atmosphere of a home away from home with hosts that welcomes you with genuine warmth and kindness.

 I don´t think I could have found another part of this world more fitting to what I needed on my little vacation.

The fog and rain was like magic dust sprinkled on the green landscape, dressing it all in mystique and turning every part of the land into a fairytale world.

I walk, daydreamed and planned busy days ahead on narrow little foot paths that lead me through this world of peace and tranquility.

Behind lush forests and down a hill and to the right I spotted a sleepy estate that I dreamed of moving into, filling it with friends reading by the fire, something brewing in the kitchen, the fire crackling in the living-room and lovebirds stealing a kiss or two as they wandered hand in hand through the garden.

As I walked I thought of choosing ones friends carefully, to deliberately chose the people with whom you surrounds yourself with.

They color you, and you color them.

And to walk on this earth with deliberate steps so as not to end up old and wrinkled unhappy about the life we have led, and unhappy about the person we´ve become.

I was reminded of being aware and alert and not just drift, as we are ultimately responsible for who we become, there sadly, and wonderfully is no one else to blame.

Life certainly has its ups and downs, but no matter the hill ahead, I am the only one responsible for how I act along the way, no matter how daunting the task may seem.

So I turned to nature with a grateful heart as I wandered.

Grateful to be alive, to be me, to know that the future is in my own two hands, and grateful to be able to experience such beauty all in one place.

This little vacation conditioned my soul ever so slightly and made me yearn for more, more of what´s good for us out there.

While on British territory, of course being a bit over average lover of food, I indulged quite lustfully in scones, clotted cream and jam.

I´ll admit I did not even try to resist when the temptation overwhelmed me.

I came across this beautiful little church and tip toped in one afternoon, hands full of scones, jam and clotted cream with a warm tea pot to make a blog post for you.

Soft natural light streamed through the thick old glass windows and I found myself humming away as I styled and shot, hoping no now would come in and bust me.

This vacation was haven-sent, and I returned home happy and ready to return to work again.


Scones and clotted cream post coming up soon!

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9 Responses to Travel: Isle of Purbeck, England

  1. Josephine says:

    Wow. This post inspired me so much, I can really relate to everything that you’re mentioning and i’m thinking that this is definitely a kind of vacation I need right now!

  2. nathalie says:

    bonjour Marta, I am loving your post so much : your images and words – I want to step into your story and stay there for the day and even longer – a place I shall be visiting and not dreaming only … every autumn and winter, England is calling me … merci for this gift :)

  3. Natalie says:

    Marie, this is easily the most beautiful post of England I have ever seen. Such stunning photography! And your words really hit home for me as well. I think small trips like this, especially when spontaneous, revive us so much and allow us to appreciate the details that make us happy and inspired and content. I will have to visit this little peninsula. You’ve made it look like a foggy, lush dream. What a wonderful talent you have. :)

  4. Ann Marie says:

    ahhhhhhh! clotted cream. seriously. yes, i’m swooning over all of your english countryside photos, BUT the clotted cream put me over the edge. i can’t wait until next summer when i get to go back ;)

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  6. Marte Marie says:

    @Ann Oh, Thank you! I cant wait to have clotted cream with you in England again;)

  7. Hi, I adore your work. I’ve been trying to leave comments but they don’t get approved? Perhaps they are in your spam folder? I’m real :)

  8. Marte Marie says:

    @Lucent imagery: Thank you for your kind words, and I do apologize, my spam filter must have tossed away your sweet comment, but thank you for trying again:)

  9. Hi again, hooray! I’m pleased I can comment. Here is my original comment that Mr Spam threw away (it still shows up as awaiting moderation when I look at this post so I could copy and paste it) … I just adore your words and feelings shared here. It sounds like it was a great stocktake break. I am grateful that by being legally blind with a degenerative condition I’m constantly reminded to stocktake about what’s important, who to keep in my life and where to direct my energy and my camera lens. Thank you for sharing this, it was very uplifting to read and see.