Thick hot chocolate, an ode to fall…

Fall is playing dress up with the landscape on my island and I’m in love with this seasons colours of wilted yellow, crisp brown and soft warm peach.

The afternoon sun dances in mon petite studio each day so of course I was bound to feel inspired to create a little homage to fall.

After a product shoot for a client I went back to mon petite island studio, and sat and watched the sun for a while…then I began craving thick hot chocolate with a pinch of chilli  and a dash of anise.

I grabbed some vintage books from my little staircase library and summoned a wilted flower whose soft peach colour had wilted into a last verse of a beautiful song.

And voila, before I knew it, a little chocolate and autumn shoot hapened all on its own, and let me tell you how I love when that happens!

Living from my creativity is wonderful fun, but sometimes creativity simply does not appear and you still have to deliver, push and create. So when you can just take a seat by the window while the golden afternoon sun is dancing on the studio floor and a story just appears on its own, I’m in heaven.

All I had to do was to pick up my camera, and the rest just magically happened. Wish life was more like that at times;)

So here it is, a little love for thick warm continental chocolate in small cups, fall leafs, vintage books and the lovely soft afternoon sun…add a dash of soothing french elevator music to that and you have this little “video”

(click here)

Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday and hope you find time to go out and get kissed by fall today!

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8 Responses to Thick hot chocolate, an ode to fall…

  1. Jane says:

    Beautiful post Marte Marie, and I just love the design of the tea/coffee set and that gorgeous jug. Not forgetting the lovely music. Thank you.

  2. Sabina says:

    This is typical Bulgarian pottery! :)
    I never like it when in Bulgaria, but you’ve made it look gorgeous!

    Also, where did you got if from? Ever been around? I’d love to see the photos!

  3. Good heavens, the textures and colors in these photos are absolutely beautiful. Many people do “book and hot drink” kind of photos, but these are truly some of the most best I’ve seen. Most visit the rest of your blog now, I’m intrigued…

  4. P.S. If this doesn’t sound silly … can you tell me more about the hot chocolate? It looks so much richer and thicker than the hot chocolate I’m use to. Did you make it yourself? I’m accustomed to just little packets of hot chocolate powder in milk, which is not particular rich and certainly not thick. The best hot chocolate I’ve ever had was at the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona, Spain. I’m pretty sure they just melted chocolate into a mug. It was so sweet, it almost made me sick, and I can usually handle an intense amount of sugar and sweetness.

  5. Zosia says:

    Beautiful, moody, cosy, autumnal images.

  6. Elle says:

    Where did you find the pottery. It’s so gorgeous!

  7. elin says:

    åh, fant nettopp deg, etter et bilde på pinterest. for en kunster!
    jeg skal kose meg med det røde i glasset mens jeg kan hive meg ned i alt du har gjort!

    du, hvor er det kaffeservice fra? Nydelig.

    Utrolig vakkert altså, kunst!

  8. Oh my, how delicious it all looks!!