City guide: Oslo in the making

The upcoming Oslo guide is taking shape and I´m so excited to share it all with you early next year.

So excited in fact that I cannot stop myself from sharing a few images here and there.

I simply love being able to peruse Oslo city and discover all these gems.

When I decide upon a place to include in the guide I spend quite some time in its embrace, eat, drink, listen and observe.

Like I mentioned before I´m not trying to include it all, or cover every part of Oslo, however I´m gathering places that makes me feel, interior-wise inspires and that has something wonderful on the menu.

These are places that I would have loved to know about if I visited Oslo.

The local gems:)

Here are some images from a place that makes me want to linger for hours and listen to the beat of the city.

Wishing you all a lovely day!

Elsewhere today:

Today you can find  one more of my instagram images featured over here and a humble email that I wrote to a young girls seeking advice on life!

Not sure I had much to offer, but I wrote her back in the form of what I would have loved to know at 21. Today she blogged about it here.


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4 Responses to City guide: Oslo in the making

  1. Having visited Oslo last June, I would have loved to have a guide like this back then! We will just have to come back. It’s the other end of the world for us from here in Australia but we did love that part of the world and can’t wait to return.

  2. Trexa says:

    I think it’s beautiful what you told the 21 year old girl.
    I love what you do.
    Thank you!

  3. I’m moving to Oslo in a week, and I’m looking more and more forward to your guide as I’ve been seeing your Instagram pics! Will it be digital, or an actual book?

  4. nathalie says:

    i am looking forward to this Marta and secretely hoping it will be a little book to hold and carry in our wanderings …