Recipe: Baked apples with tangy cherry sauce


Dark clouds and heavy fall storms sail over my little fjord island these days.

Hail, sideways rain and sun fight over our attention as they dance tango across the sky.

I absolutely love it, even though I got soaked to the bone the other day within seconds and had to seek refuge in a nearby Thai restaurant.

Not a shabby place to have discovered by accident. They warmed me up with the absolute best Tom Kha I´ve ever had, and I´ve had many:)

As I went to buy produce today at a local farm our apple tree begged me to pick some of its fruits, and I obliged.

I´m pretty easy that way;)

As the sun set I baked these little apple delights with fruit from the garden.


What you need:


One apple per person

(I used 4 apples)


(I used 2 dl)

Sultan raisins

( I used a handful raisins)


( I used half a handful and crunched them ever so slightly)

Cherry jam

(I used 3 spoons that I heated with some water in a pan to create a sauce)


( I used about 1/2 dl water)


How to make it:


This is a very approximate recipe as this is pretty much a-use-whatever-you-have kinda dessert.

In a pot or a pan with hight enough walls to cover the chosen apples  add a large chunk of butter.

(See above what I used for 4 apples)

When melted over medium heat, add the sugar and mix a bit so as to create a caramel sauce.

Add the chosen amounts of apples with the “butt” down.

Add some water and let it quickly teem a bit under a lid.

After about 4 min add some raisins, walknuts and sprinkle some more sugar on top.

Cover under the lid again and lower the heat so it can all simmer to perfection.

After about 10 min the apples should be moist enough to cut open with a fork without effort.

If you want you can remove the stems before you add the apples to the pan, but I love the rustic feel to these apples so I leave them as they come from the tree.

For the cherry sauce I simply bought a delicious cherry jam from my local specialty food shop mixed it with a bit of water in a pan and heated it while stirring till it had reached the perfect saucy consistency and temperature.

Serve one apple on each plate, scoop up the warm raisins and walnuts with some of the dark sugar and butter sauce in the bottom of the pan that has mixed so deliciously with the juice of the apples. Be generous here:)

Then pour some of the cherry sauce over and your dessert is ready to serve.

If you have some vanilla ice cream, don´t hesitate to add a scoop to each plate and watch your guests eyes roll back in food pleasure.

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4 Responses to Recipe: Baked apples with tangy cherry sauce

  1. These photos! Love the mooooody, dark, rich feel. And I can’t wait to try this recipe.

  2. ina says:

    Så vakkert Marte!

  3. That looks amazing!!! Maybe a little creme fraiche, or yoghourt would be nice with it too?

  4. Marte Marie says:

    @Louise Oh, thank you! I´ll have to try your suggestions next time, they sound delicious;)