Travel: Lucca and a humble bread and cheese snack.

 This summer an Italian gentleman thought it was about time I discovered Lucca.

I´ve had Lucca on the wish list for years, ever since I discovered a little estate for sale that was more than a renovation project that I dreamt of buying. The dream came and went but my desire to see Lucca stayed.

So on a hot summers day in Rome I hopped on the train to make my way up to the Tuscan countryside for a cooler breeze and some Lucca.

“You need to climb this tower with me,” he said, and being a true italian gentleman he offered me his hand on the way up the narrow and steep stairs to the top.

The afternoon sun was low on the horizon and hight up in a church tower in Italy the wind cooled and the view toyed with my heart.

“It´s like this you see, I said, a woman with a certain passion for food simply cannot stay up here with such a stunning view without eating something!”

Luckily we had some delicious little Baci chocolate around, and my belly was stayed…at least for another 30 min.

“I don´t need much, I continued, just a little bread and some cheese, really I could live on that for weeks.”

Come to think of it, I DID live on that for weeks!

My preferred snack, lunch or even in substitute for dinner when the days were to busy to prepare of even sit down for dinner properly was fresh bred from my local Forno and cheese from the market next door from where I lived in Rome.

Pear pecorino or a delightful sicilian cheese with rosemary I´ve completely forgotten the name of…

The crunch of the bread, the softness and spice of the cheese and how it blends so well on any given day.

When the fall storms are raging and I need a trip to soothe my restless body, I head to Oslo buy some cheese from Gutta på Haugen or Le Flaneur, bread from Åpent bakeri, and I´m ready to nestle up with a book as soon as I step inside mon petite island studio.

Pair this little snack with a grape juice or wine, either way this little snack transports and comforts in ways only fresh bread and real cheese can!

Some of the things I love about Italy is the access to fresh food in every little corner of the country from produce to bread, cheese and meat.

For a girl like me with an appetite that of an elephant I´m in a constant food heaven when in Italy.

Even if we had little time in Lucca as we were on our way to a cozy agritourism for the night, this place kissed my travel heart ever so slightly begging me to come back.

Its narrow streets, little specialty shops, and open furniture market, had me at hello.

So as we pulled out of the city in our small italian car I blew it a kiss and promised I´d be back soon to eat more of its food and spend long hours in its cafes, and I´m a girl of my word;)

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3 Responses to Travel: Lucca and a humble bread and cheese snack.

  1. kristin says:

    I went to Lucca a few years ago and biked around the top of the wall. It was an amazing, memoriable experience. A beautiful city I will never forget.

  2. Good bread and cheese…perfect!!

  3. ArteMamma says:

    How I understand you: I love Lucca and his countryside so much!
    And did you take a walk on the walls around the city? It’s an amazing experience!
    Have a nice we!