OSL: An Oslo guide in the making

Sometimes, well actually quite often, things happen out of your control that changes the plans you had.

The sailing and the trip to Rome had to be postponed and while I was rather reluctant to letting them go, I got working on projects here in Norway.

Rome will be coming up soon and sailing, well, there will be another boat:)

As you read in my last post wonderful food related things are happening here in Oslo and I could not have been more thrilled to learn about Mathallen opening in October this year.

It was so much fun being asked by Matbloggsentralen to shoot the very first food blogger event in Norway and I´ll keep you posted on upcoming food related events.

For those of you that follow me on instagram you might have seen a #mmforsbergosloguide tag appear every now and then.

It´s a lovely little side project I mentioned to you earlier as a direct responds to all your emails and comments about my recommended sites in Oslo.

It is so far set to come out early next year, as I´m squeezing it in between work projects that are filling up my day planner with exciting photo-shoots.

The guide is not trying to cover it all, it´s simply pages from my little black book of places in Oslo that are visually delightful and serve quality products or service. Tasty bread, mouthwatering pastries, cooking classes, places to dine for two, for one, and with your whole family. I´ll share the secrets to little picnic spots on boats and nestled underneath trees in parks and give you a short transportation guide, as I always find that useful when I travel.

I love having an excuse to explore and rediscover my Oslo, and I feel so lucky meeting all these talented and wonderful people behind the places I´m choosing to include in the guide.

There are so many talented individuals in this city, entrepreneurs and creatives that I´m so happy to be able to share with you!

I´ll be keeping you updated as we go along, and feel free to follow me on instgram as I sniff out these lovely spots in Oslo.

Some of you have already asked me if there will be guides coming soon on other cities I frequently travel to, like Rome!

You guys make me smile, and yes, I´d love to do a guide on Rome, but let´s get this Oslo thing taken care of first shall we;)


I love this time of year, when seasons change and we can light up the fireplace again, harvest fruit and berries and peruse farmers markets bursting with produce.

Do you have a local one you treasure?

I´d love to hear about where you shop for your food.

Jamie Oliver has a great food and rock festival on an old farm in Oxfordshire in England September 1-2nd simply called Big festival!

Are any of you going?

I´m dying to fit that in, but we´ll have to see.

Wishing you all a lovely day!

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4 Responses to OSL: An Oslo guide in the making

  1. Nellies says:

    I’ve been following you for a while now on Instagram. But today is the first time I visited your blog. Mainly because you had the link up on Instragram with that beautiful utensil shot. I have never visited Oslo, but when I do, I want to bring your guide with me, I’m looking forward to early next year! :-)

  2. These are absolutely, deliciously, beautiful Marie. I can not wait to see the whole guide! xo

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  4. I’ve been to Oslo twice and I hope that I’d have your guide with me for the third visit :)
    I just can not wait for you to release it.