Work, a book and a city guide!

My short time in Norway is going by way too fast!

Working, photo-shoots, seeing friends, family and working some more.

I’m just swining by to let you know what I’m up to these days.

So many of you here, via email, on instagram and facebook have asked me about places to eat, see and stay in Oslo, so I decided to make a little Oslo guide for you!

I’ve perused its streets to give you a little visual guide with info to my top places to eat in, sleep in a meander through.

I’m working on a bit too many food related projects right now so the blog has been a quiet place this last week, but I’m working on two delicious desserts for you that I think you’ll swoon over and I’m starting a new post series called ‘ Afternoon tea with…’ that gives you a behind the scene story of people I admire and their creative stories…

And it’s with mixed feelings I’m entering the last three days of #60daysoflunch!

I hope you’ve enjoyed, if you’ve followed my food work on instagram.

It’s been fun, a bit of a pain and very rewarding, and I just want to thank you all for your wonderful support!

Can I tell you a little secret? Now that the daily lunches are soon over, it’s not really over… its just the beginning actually.

The #60daysoflunch project was for me to push myself as a food photographer and food stylist, and it pushed alright.

I’ve been so sick of these lunches that I did not know what to do some days…

The lunches were just creative recipe developing, reaserching and styling experiment in the beginning and nothing more, but I can now tell you that it’s becoming a book!

My very first cookbook!

It will be filled with quick, fun and homemade lunches for you, many based on some of what I’ve shown through instagram, but many that have not been presented yet, with photos taken mostly in mon petite island studio so you’ll feel right at home;)

The hard work on the book now really begins as the instagram version of it ends, and I’m so excited to share updates with you as I go along.

To all of you that have asked me about how to get your hands on the recipes, well, this is where, in my first, brand spanking fresh out of the oven cookbook.

The book is in its wee beginning, and I’ll tell you more about how and when as we go along, but I just had to share it with you, as I’m a bit giddy about the whole thing;)

I will need your continuous cheering on spirit as this is going to be long days and lots of work but with your sweet support I think we can do it, non!?

Next up, some sweet desserts…

PS: It was so much fun seeing one of my instagram images being featured over on the great Visual Supply site as one of their weekly selects.

Head on over here to have a peak!

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2 Responses to Work, a book and a city guide!

  1. Glad to hear that you are on your way :) :) Wonderful that you are challenging yourself.

  2. Congratulations on your news! This is so very exciting, Marie! I will be first in line to buy this book. All of your lunches look so delicious and beautiful and elegant. And thank you for this Oslo guide. I’m hoping to make it over to Norway before I leave the UK, so this is very, very helpful. Good luck with your book and I can’t wait to see your updates! :D

    Nat xx