Recipe: Basic lemonade and a dip in the pool

Lemons sing summer at the top of their lungs!

Their warm yellow coat of citrus, their fresh perfume that infuses everything it comes in contact with and its juicy and sour flesh that is perfect for any summer drink, lemons creates the most perfect summer treats.

When I took a road trip from Milano to Amalfi with a friend this April, I loved that so much of the southern Italian cuisine involves delicious lemons.

The beautiful while villa we stayed at in Sorrento had gorgeous lemons and orange trees around the azure blue pool and I loved going for a morning swim underneath their citrus fruits.

It was so, so nice to wake up to the smell of lemons from our rooftop terrace.

At night I would walk barefoot out unto our private little terrace and close my eyes and just inhale. The citrus mixed with the Jasmin, the orange and the roses from the garden underneath.

It’s the kind of perfume dreams are made of…

So one day last month, as the sun was heating up Rome to the point of boiling, I bought me a paper bag full of lemons from a wonderful food market next to my apartment there.

I opened up all the windows and balcony doors, and made some lemonade to cool off this little Norwegian body.

There are so many wonderful easy ways of making this but here is my simple and basic lemonade recipe.


What you need


3 lemons

3 lime

1 lite water

1 1/2 dl sugar (or honey)

5-6 leafs of mint or rosemary (optional)


How to


Juice lemons and limes leaving one whole lemon.

Mix the juice, water and sugar to the sugar dissolves.

Cut the last lemon into think slices.

Beat the lemon slices, mint (or rosemary but not both) and some ice cubes in a mortar.

Sift and mix it all together.

Serve on the rocks with a mint leaf and or some honey to taste for those who like it sweater.

Bottoms up!

PS: Tomorrow I’m firing up #60daysoflunch again over on my instagram account marte_marie_forsberg

I’m so excited to share the last part of these lunches with you, and I’m looking forward to getting feedback from you!

Let’s put on the apron and fire up the stove;)

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5 Responses to Recipe: Basic lemonade and a dip in the pool

  1. I am happy I found your blog through Instagram!
    I love Sorrento, I’ve been there twice for work in my past life, so I’ d need to come back and watch it with new eyes, breathing the lemon and jasmine smell without being stressed by work!
    And lemonade, lemonade it’s the drink of the new life, because when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade! ciao!

  2. Erin says:

    Praises for beautiful lemons! My favourite… We make a simple lemonade with juiced lemons, cold water and a few drops of stevia, always gone in a flash. I will try adding some mint or rosemary too.

  3. It’s July in France…and hot chocolate weather. What a gorgeous post! x

  4. Yum! Beautiful pictures!

  5. Marte Marie says:

    @Juls Hi! Glad we can meet here too:) Love following your updates from your kitchen in Tuscany,and yes, Sorrento is definitely a place to revisit;)