Wandering women Europe journey 2012 {part one}

How have you all been?

Days have passed with great speed and beauty, and I’m now situated in Rome where I’ll spend the next month.

Ann and Britt hopped over the big pond and met up with me in Norway where we spent days perusing my island.

These women inspire me so, and I feel so grateful for every day spent in their company.

The next posts will be a bit back and forth, like a conversation between friends.

Sharing images from instagram that was snapped along the way during our stay in Norway and as we hopped on and off trains making our way through Europe towards Rome.

You can see our instagram feeds here, here and here.

On our last day in my Norway, we woke up early.

We headed to oslo to pick up our train tickets while the sun was still hiding its face.

Then, as it began to appear on the horizon I could not wait to take these ladies to a local plant nursery where we had breakfast.

My beloved mother joined in and we spend precious time in each others company, eating, talking and planning adventures ahead.

These three women enrich my life so much with their life wisdom, humor and dreams.

Then we kissed my beloved mother goodbye, shed a tear or two and boarded our train to adventure;)

Traveling by train is for me the most charming and soul soothing way of travel. The landscape is slowly gliding by and you’re granted time to adjust and digest it all before arriving in a new city.

You see architectural changes, the landscape switches from quiet to dramatic and before you know it your heart is beating adventurous beats, it’s a wee bit like falling in love…

To be continued…

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7 Responses to Wandering women Europe journey 2012 {part one}

  1. Kajsa J. Andersen says:

    Kjempefine bilder. Jeg er så glad i mammaen din :) Hun er et herlig og varmt menneske.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hello! I was so happy to have found yours and Ann’s blogs last week and have really enjoyed reading through them. It sounds like you are on a wonderful adventure! I can’t wait to see more and follow along. :) Your blog is like a breath of fresh air.


  3. I’m so happy you are sharing your journey on Instagram :)

  4. Greta says:

    What a lovely way to travel and thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

  5. Kajsa J. Andersen says:

    Jeg valgte deg som en av ti bloggere som fikk en høyst uformell award. Du får ta en titt på bloggen min.

  6. Jasmine says:

    You must have had a great time! I can’t wait for more posts about your journey!

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