Cafe: Brandstrup and a dash of creativity

A skip and a hop away across the bridge, off my island and to the left is a pretty charming cafe that I’ve recently rediscovered.

Brandstrup Cafe.

It’s the kind of place I linger in and often use as an office away from the office.

Their simple lunch menu is great, but it’s their chocolate and carrot cake that makes me go all soft.

I have a hard time choosing, so I have, well… both;)

I spend hours here in the company of great friends, and I cannot wait to take this lovely friend here when she comes in May to introduce her to my neck of the woods.

And before I go on, if you follow me on instagram, you noticed my little patch in the kitchen turned makeshift herb garden the other day, but if long for some green here is Ann’s inspiring post about how to make a little herb garden for yourself even if you don’t have a lot of room or tools;)

(Oh and I love how beautifully she sports my black St Tropez necklace as well!)

This charming cafe downtown is a bustling place during lunchtime, but then in the afternoon when my chocolate cake craving emerges it has quieted down a bit.

The afternoon sun softly illuminated the dark history-filled wood furniture, walls and floor inside and its ever so magical.

When in need of some inspiration on projects where my creative mind feels a bit drained I need to get out, here, see and smell.

This always fuels my imagination and before I know it, ideas for the project that before seemed so daunting is now covering napkins and pages in my black notebook to the brim with thoughts and solutions.

Creativity is a dash of magic in our everyday lives, non?

Nothing becomes something and who knows where the idea was before it came to me?

My beloved mother calls it, with a bit of a cheeky smile, downloading.

So I guess if I don’t download and idea someone else will;)

Which reminds me of this clever TED talk on the subject of creativity by the author of Eat, Pray, Love.

Where do you think creativity comes from?

Next up just in time for the weekend, homemade Nutella!

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4 Responses to Cafe: Brandstrup and a dash of creativity

  1. Delphine says:

    Oh, it looks so warm and quiet in there. Wish I was there now!

  2. Peter Chudleigh says:

    Just spent the morning catching up on your recent posts. Your work is beautiful!

  3. How wonderful! I mean, everything on your blog…photos, writing, lighting, feel, thoughts… I am new, but I KNOW I will become a regular.
    BTW, I would DIE if I did not have a pinch of creativity in every day… (p.s. I found you – and now follow you – on Instagram)