Breakfast bread, plum jam, spring dirt and a private library.


















Waking up slowly to the warm smell of freshly made bread is heaven. A treat I don’t just reserve for the weekend.

The weekend already hold so much possibilities for enjoyment. It’s the other days of the week that might need a little help along the way.

Freshly made bread will put that weekend oomph to any day of the week;)

 Warm spring sun has melted away all traces of winter and snow, and green leaf-ears are unveiling new life on sleepy gray trees.

People are emerging from their winter hibernation and taking to the streets, sipping to tea outside at local cafes, BBQ’ing on the beach, but most importantly they are dusting off dull gardens preparing them to be dressed in spring colors any day now.

In our garden the easter lilies are sporting yellow smiles and brown leafs are gently being pushed aside as determined sprouts are emerging from the ground.

It’s a lovely season, a season where nature’s perfume takes on a million different notes each day as new plants emerge and flowers start to bloom.

When I was little this was the time of the year when we began to eat out on the tile terrace overlooking the garden and big old maple tree where my beloved mother would put up our blue hammock.

Underneath that tree I would spend lacy pre-elementary school days with her letting the sun rays lick our face as we swung back and forth underneath the big old tree.

We would rake together to prepare the grass for nurturing spring rain and sun, and we would get dirty hands and knees from kneeling down and pulling weeds, planting new flowers and watch them grow.

Each spring I yearn a bit for that up close and personal encounter with spring dirt. Digging my fingers into the ground as we carefully help breathe new life into the garden.

My beloved mother don’t waste any sun, as soon as it’s revealing its face she starts eating outside.

The other day as I was working on different food assignments, I wanted to capture that sun and spring dirt, so I found some delicious plum jam from the garden my mother made last fall, pulled some dirty plates, that had spent the whole winter outside working on their patina and took a little break from work.

I hope you can smell the early signs of spring from all the way over here in Norway to your beautiful part of the world;)

As I sat there by the window reminiscing a bit about the past, I thought of the above quote, that every man’s memory is his own private literature.

I love that quote!

I think that is something I want be more aware of, so as to write in my mind beautiful private literature I want to return to over and over again.

Knowing that at any given time if there should be chapters and or even books that become literature I’d rather not have in my inner library, I can open them up and try to edit a bit, visit the past so as to hopefully make use of my new experiences in life that has helped me grow, and put them to use.

Some people say, let the past be the past, but I think one cannot truly move forward and be whole and content if we do not do our best to put things right in regards to things that we said or did, or did not do in the past that we’re not proud of or we now realize hurt people.

Sweeping things under the carpet seems to find a way of biting us in the tail sooner or later anyway, so I say let’s pull out those chapters or books from the past that we’d rather just hide in our inner libraries and do a bit of courageous spring cleaning;)

Happy Wednesday!

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7 Responses to Breakfast bread, plum jam, spring dirt and a private library.

  1. manon says:

    Tout simplement beau…

    Belle journée


  2. Marte Marie says:

    @Manon: Thank you! Wishing you a lovely day to;)

  3. Hildi says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, actually stumbled across it through a girlfriend of mine. I love your style, your pictures are really good and this post had me drooling as I miss “grovbrod” with jam. Spending half the year in Indonesia your food blogs always has me longing for home. Kind regards

  4. Marte Marie says:

    @Hildi: What a lovely place to spend half the year in! It sounds divine:)
    I’m glad I can bring you a little piece of Norway when you are longing for home.
    Wishing you a lovely day;)

  5. Bradley C says:

    Hi friend,

    I’ve enjoyed following your blog for the last few months. It’s such a pleasant find.
    I live in Tempe, AZ – moved here from Switzerland a while back. = )

    I’d guess you get lots of requests to post what kind of camera equipment and editing software you use, but I thought I’d throw out just one more. If you could share I’d much appreciate.

    Thanks again for sharing parts of your beautiful life.

    grace and peace,

  6. This jam looks so delicious! I wish I had some right now for an afternoon snack!

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