Norwegian pancakes, twilight and a dash of fog and mud.

When the landscape outside looks like this, all one can do is to snuggle up inside while the little remains of snow melts and the fog lifts it’s spell on nature.

The gentle wind of spring is shaking up the trees a bit, and the sun is persistently trying to break through.

In the twilight I perused the kitchen to find what it was I longed for.

A bit of blueberry jam and an old basic Norwegian pancake recipe from my beloved mother’s elementary school cookbook.

I’d already had dinner and could not fit in any more food, no matter how delicious, so I set it all up in the kitchen waiting for a new day to begin…

These last days have been so inspiring,

Yesterday, after a sweet french-inspired lunch down town Oslo and before a lecture at my university about the legal aspect of european witch hunt between 1450 to 1750, I took some time to peruse smaller streets that are off the beaten track.

I do this  a lot, when I have time or make time to explore new and old parts of my Oslo.

One little gem of a shop drew me in with its window display of fish bones in a glass domes,  dusty old books, vintage frames with missing paintings, rusty fencing masks and hauntingly beautiful darker paintings that graced history-filled walls.

If you had been driving or walking too fast you would have missed it, but with my meandering pace it was impossible not to be completely spellbound by it.

If in Oslo, this would be the address;


Uranienborgveien 7, Oslo,

(just down the street from my very first apartment in Oslo at the age of 17)

 but luckily the very inspiring owner, her work and shop is also online over here.

I love bumping into people that fuel my creativity, inspire me to believe in my own voice and to never give up.

Next week I’m taking my beloved mother there before our mussel lunch at this history-filled place, which happens to be one of my favorite places to go and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Do you have a favorite restaurant or cafe that lift your spirit just by entering it?

But even if I love traveling, discovering and eating out, there really is nothing like eating in at home, creating exactly what you were yearning for and waiting for the smell of delicious food to spread like a soft breeze in the kitchen.

These blueberry pancakes for sure lifted the fog in my kitchen.

Wishing you a lovely day, and remember spring is just around the corner!

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2 Responses to Norwegian pancakes, twilight and a dash of fog and mud.

  1. Peter Chudleigh says:

    The dark photos are beautiful!

  2. Lisa Sinclair says:

    beautiful atmospheric photos!