A Paris wrap skirt peak and a necklace.

What exciting days!

I feel like I was trotting along in a perfectly comfortable tempo for some weeks and then all of a sudden someone hit the supersonic button, and my legs now run as drum-sticks!

I’m not a fan over supersonic speed, I love my afternoon wanders, my tea sipping , book reading and pensive moments, but how can I say no, when it’s all so very exiting?

I guess that’s the problem, how to say no, especially when all you want is to say yes!

So I’ve signed up for a bit of a mouthful these days, hoping I’ll learn to paddle and run faster than I can.

And then hopefully it will all return to my comfortable trot, where days are felt and not just rushed through.

But since this is my now, I’m embracing it with all I am.

Two types of skirts and the Paris jacket arrived from my tailors yesterday.

It was so much fun seeing it done.

You know, you hold this fabric in your hands and feel it between your fingertips wondering how it will drape, how it will fold and how it will move.

When that finished product is in your hands and you see that it worked the way you envisioned, it’s such a thrill!

I love that part of creating.

Envisioning something and getting just what you had in mind.

I can assure you that does not always happen;)

Above is a peak at the Paris warp skirt with the black Oslo necklace nr one.

Now, back to the studio I go to style and shoot, make food and style and shoot again.

It’s quite a wonderful circle really, one I never tire of.

PS: And don’t forget to sign up for the Swarovski necklace giveaway, it ends Friday the 28th at midnight!

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One Response to A Paris wrap skirt peak and a necklace.

  1. joanne says:

    I found this picture on my tumblr and instantly reblogged! It is such an elegant combination with your jewellery designs. LOVE!