Nature: Golden landscape and a grateful heart.

As I went walking down by the beach the other day, I sent up thoughts of gratitude for the gorgeous weather we´ve had lately.

The wind is mild, the air temperate, even when it´s misty it´s perfect and when the sun comes out to illuminate the landscape with gold, a girl simply could´t ask for more.

These days I walk slowly, I take my time and allow my heart and mind to communicate.

The more quite inner pace of life makes me see and feel more.

Around me the business of life can be a bit overwhelming at times, but on the inside I have decided to slow down, and these wanders and walks in my backyard, on my island, in town, in the mountains or on foreign soil helps restore a happy heart.

Right after this walk where the landscape on my island basked in sunshine, I decided I needed a little “Marie” trip, just because.

The trip took me to Stockholm, where I am right now.

I used to visit this place quite often when I was younger.

At the age of 17 this place was my backyard and I loved exploring this great city´s design, food and art scene.

Upone returning to this city, I´m filled with enthusiasm to re-explore this “Venezia” of the north.

It feels so wonderful to feel my heart beat with enthusiasm and curiosity!

So with camera in hand, I´m off to the city to see a Turner and Monet exhibition at Moderna museet, one of my old time favorite art museums in town.

Do you want to join me in a petite afternoon wander through the exhibition and perhaps the city?

I´ll post a wander here soon, but if you follow me on instagram you can get it live;)

Wishing you a lovely day filled with beauty and a grateful heart.

(PS: I´m struggling a bit with image sizing these days, hopefully soon we´ll be back with a better size.)

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One Response to Nature: Golden landscape and a grateful heart.

  1. Ann Marie says:

    i always love a slow pace…it totally allows for conversations between the heart and the head. lovely thoughts, marie. lovely lovely lovely photos.

    p.s. LOVE the austrian hunting hat ;)