Afternoon wander: Along the beach with sheep and golden fall leaves.

Almost every day I go for an afternoon wander along the beach, and I thought I’d take you with me today.

I post many of my wanders when I travel, on instagram, which I love to use, and I shared one of them with you from Beatrix Potter’s home in the lake district here.

These afternoon wanders are so healing for heart and mind. The fresh air, the slow season changes that take place, the sun, the ocean the slight salt in the air, the sounds, and the animals are enriching my days and inspiring me in my work.

On my little fjord island in Norway, it’s heritage trust land with converted old mansions into art galleries, working farms, antique shops, artists studios and open fields, cliffs, beaches and forests that we share with all the animals both wild and domestic.

Yesterday I went for an afternoon wander with a friend. We strolled along among sheep and warm colored leaves.

When I was a little girl we had sheep. Every spring we would bring them up to the mountains where we have a rustic 200 year old cabin an let them lose to wander the peaks by themselves all summer.

The fun was tracking them down in the fall to gather them and bring them home.

My dad would walk the mountains for days reading the tracks they had left behind to find them.

I’d like to think I evolve into a better version of me after going through a few storms, and I love the possibilities every day offers in becoming that better version.

The oftentimes daunting task of personal change, is no longer so overwhelming when I realize that every mountain climbed begins with one step, one step in the right direction.

And those slight changes, or steps in the right direction leads me to my bigger personal change, my better me.

And in the end what more can we do that try, and try again;)

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4 Responses to Afternoon wander: Along the beach with sheep and golden fall leaves.

  1. Those sheep are sooooo cute! I wish I could have one as a pet.

  2. Ann Marie says:

    absolutely beautiful. wish i could have been there…someday i will be there ;)

  3. wonderful pictures and words……thanks for sharing.

  4. great outfit. love your blog!