Sunday thoughts: A Banana, our inner voice and ethanol.

When working with food, or being with people, I go for the same qualities. They have to be honest, real and authentic.

I so appreciate meeting people who don’t carry around heavy masks, who simply are who they are in their glorious imperfection and wonderful individuality.

The same goes for food;)

Honest, non-nonsense food, straight up authentic with no preservatives, added color or enhancements, like these ripe bananas.

When I watch Jamie Oliver work with food, creating the most simple, honest dishes, I feel so incredibly happy and inspired. It’s the way food and people were intended to be.

These people have found their unique voice, something that can be quite challenging to find.

This world is so full of choices, and oftentimes in trying to pursue them all we may end up missing our own unique voice, because to find it we have to bear silence, and being comfortable in our own company and skin. That may be a lifelong process and I think, even for people who have found their voice, it’s an ever-changing process as we develop and evolve.

In pursuing, and never giving up on ourselves, each day trying to be better than the next and never allowing ourselves to take the easy road, to step up to the plate when challenge arrives and trust in our choices when the storm rages, we are not only creating a much happier inner place for ourselves, but we have the ability to inspire others too.

Did you know that whatever fruit you put next to a Banana will get their ripening process speeded up, due to the Ethanol produced by a Banana?

So as you can see the poor lemon next to a Banana stands no chance, it will ripen faster even if it did not want or intend to.

Some people have that wodnerful effect on others, and make then “ripen” in a good way.

When you’re with them you feel uplifted, inspired and happy.

If we unconsciously drift, whomever we are next to will “ripen” us in their direction, as we are influenced by the people we surround ourselves with.

Life’s just too short not to hang out with good bananas;)

Tomorrow I’ll share with you a misty photo-shoot I had last week, showing you some revamped necklaces from mon studio.

Happy Sunday!

 (Photos from a little fruit and vegetable shoot I did some time back.)

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  1. E. says:

    Although I’ve visited your blog before, I’ve never really commented. But now, I just had to. I absolutely love this post. Thanks for writing it.

    x E.