Afternoon wander: Lush hills, green fields and apricots

On our second day in the lush lake district a storm was raging making wise old trees forcefully bend, the wind howled, it rained sideways and our umbrellas quickly turned into sad-looking wilted flowers.

After having visited a friers chocolaterie in Keswick we walked down to the lake to rest our wet feet in a glass garden house with a view.

All the wooden boats were lined up on the shore rocking back and forth on the pebbled beach.

While warming our hands tea-filled porcelain cups we read, wrote, listened to the rain and ate delicious scones with an extra thick layer of clotted cream.

But before the day turned into night we decided to last minute change our plans.

We ditched our bus plans around the lake and hailed a taxi that took us to whitewashed Ashness farm, a charming B&B where beautiful and oh-so-talented Ann from the blog Age old tree and her equally talented and fun husband CJ were going to stay at.

As we drove up to drop off some chocolate bought earlier that day and leave it as a welcome gift for them, Ann stood in the middle of the road ushering cows to close the gate.

What a delightful surprise!

We spend the remains of the day in their lovely company and took a little road-trip though mists and rain the next day to Beatrix Potter’s home.

It was indeed the most exquisite company my beloved mother and I could have hoped for.

We walked through green fields and mingled with sheep and beautiful trees on our way to Mrs Potter’s home, conversed, ate and quietly listened to the wind.

This is our visual story;)

My beloved mother fed us while we walked towards Beatrix Potter’s home with local Apricots.

Perfectly tart and sweet;)

This is where we sipped to our afternoon tea waiting for our slot time to enter Mrs Potter’s beautiful home Hill Top farm.

The sun came and went while we poured milk in our tea, had yet again scones with butter and jam and dreamed about living in a place like this.

It really was a perfect day;)

One that I’ll treasure for as long as I live.

Next up I’ll bring you inside Mrs Potter’s home.

The day I was there I had one of my spontaneous afternoon wander on Twitter and Instagram. For those of you who didn’t get to join us, I’ll share the photos with you here in the next post.

Wishing you a lovely day!

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