Beautiful places: A room with a view

Even though spring is officially here, March 21st marked the first day of spring with sun and warm winds, king winter decided to blow cold snow that covered the green grass outside our house ever so slightly today.

The sky turned gray and I needed some sun, some light, and some warmth so I went to the above room.

Well, to be precise, I mind travelled a bit to the above room.

This is my beloved mothers atelier in Norway, and I love how the warm morning light flows through the big window.

My mother gets up early and sits in the sun reading or knitting before entering the day.

This is her form of meditation.

She gazes out the window every now and then, giving wings to her thoughts.

I love spending time with her up there on the second floor in her open atelier.

There is such an feeling of warmth in that room, and more than once have I snuggled up on the day-bed located next to the balcony when I’ve come home to visit, just to soak up on the wonderful atmosphere that lingers there.

There’s nothing like a room with a view, where light and sun can paint the walls within with warmth and beauty.

Today this is the room I choose to be in.


Now, I’ve been cooking a lot lately, seeing as I now have a big kitchen full of all the utensils I need.

(I’ll tell you more about that later)

You may see some differences going on here on the blog as I’ve decided to show you more of what I do and less of what I like to look at.

Moreover I found that although I love to share with you beautiful interior spaces and furniture around the world, it started to take up too much of the time I’d like to spend on creating and working.

Also I enjoy so much more for this to be a personal blog.

So here we go, there will definitely be more food and travel on this blog than interior spaces from now on, and I’m really excited to share more of my travels with you.

Coming up next is a rustic, full of aroma, mediterranean inspired lentil dish I made today.

And soon I’ll tell you all about what I’ve been working on lately!

I’m so excited!

Have a wonderful day!

(Here’s a sneak peak of parts of the dish)

Photo and styling by Marte Marie Forsberg

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One Response to Beautiful places: A room with a view

  1. Ella says:

    That room makes me want to visit Norway. It seems like such a cool country. I read an article about it recently in Inc. magazine and I was very impressed…

    I hope you post more pics of it in the future…

    I’m looking forward to more posts on food.