Dish of the day: Raw vegetables


Let’s have a healthy start to the week shall we?

After a bit of chocolate (see here) I’m craving some vegetables!

So before I made a delicious vegetable soup I styled this to make it all feel like one of those stylish Sunday suppers at my grandmothers.

Crystal glass, fine porcelain and of course the silver cutlery.

I both dreaded and loved these suppers.

I loved the beautiful table with all the above that oosed of grown-up glamour, and dreaded the chit chat after dinner where the grown ups talked and talked, and talked about nonsense.

Nonsense in my ears, because all I could think about was… the home-made chocolate pudding with milk that was cooling in the fridge;)

Come to think of it, I haven’t had one of those for years!

I may just be time for some more chocolate, so stay tuned;)

Photo and styling by: Marte Marie Forsberg

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3 Responses to Dish of the day: Raw vegetables

  1. Marie CdP says:

    Quelles jolies tables de printemps!

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  3. Ann Marie says:

    so pretty! making me hungry for lunch :)