A cup of something warm?

It’s Monday!

And I think we should head to this coffe shop to have a warm drink to start off the week!

I came across this place called St Ali on a great blog I follow by a fellow Scandinavian.

Simple Blueprint.

(I think you should head on over and take a look after our sweet little meeting at the above cafe.)

Don’t you just love the subtle colors that are mixed together?

I particularly like the green mixed with the darker brown tile on the floor, it’s almost like a Scottish kilt pattern, non?

It feels like a modern take on Industrial vintage,that can sometimes feel a bit heavy.

This coffe-shop though, is light, inviting and modern with elements of industrial vintage, just the right amount for such a place.

Photos via Simple blueprint via St Ali

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2 Responses to A cup of something warm?

  1. Love it, looks so laid back. The green really lightens up the concrete and heavy industrial equipment. The till looks amazing too.

  2. CrowNology says:

    Oh my.
    A perfect space.
    Almost feels like painting…The muted tones.