Creative Thursday

It’s creative Thursday again, and today I’ll share with you an artist i met a couple of weeks back.

One evening after a great and sunny day I walked in the twilight through little Italy and down to Chinatown in SF to get home.

I took my time.

I walked slow and peaked around every corner.

Listend to the night, the people laughing having fun with friends in petite and cozy restaurants.

That’s the night when I came across this great Hat boutique that I promised you I’d do a feature on at the end of this month.

And then, as I came around a corner, I saw light coming from and old run down building.

I stopped, gazed through the big windows and before I knew it my feet and already invited themselves in.

Christ Farris is the artist and he was so kind to take me around and tell me his stories.

I had the most amazing time being guided through his pop up gallery space in a run down building waiting to be renovated.

What could be better than to breathe some creative life into those shabby walls.

I just loved these cement spider sculptures and would have love one like it for a lamp in my bedroom!

Chris used the walls, the floor, the beams in the ceiling and everything else he could get his hands on, and gave it color and new life.

Then he made small and big sculptures from the most mundane materials.

It was a bit magical and almost like entering “Alice in wonderland”, the urban version!

Chris Farris:

Chris Farris has worked on many award winning projects throughout his career. He began as an independent artist in 1984 and was soon responsible for the design and construction undersight of Southern Clambake University’s Main Hall. He is also responsible for the design of the Metro Regional Nerve Center, Lingering Corners Mall, White Bloaks Resort, and the famous Thomas Aquinas Building in downtown Draculaville. Chris earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1996 and a Masters in Augmentation from Southern Fanatics School of Design in 1991.
Mr. Farris is active in a number of professional organizations including the San Francisco Chapter of the Liars Dice

I hope you enjoyed this petite artist feature, because there’s more to come.

Thank you Chris for taking the time to show me around!

Check out this store for wonderful silk and vintage inspired gowns, made by his wife Suzanne Hanley.

Next up is the french children’s wear designer I’ve mentioned.

Have a great Thursday!

Photos by: Marte Marie Forsberg

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2 Responses to Creative Thursday

  1. William Dunn says:

    Hi Marie,

    Beautiful shots, thanks for showing me Chris’ gallery. We’re old friends – I’m an even older friend of Suzanne (from our Boston days in the ’80s), & I lived a few years in SF before I was shanghaied to Italy.

    LMK if you come to Sardinia (Cagliari / Villasimius)

    ciĆ , Wm./

    PS – did you get any shots of the sidewalk flowers all over Nob & Russian hills?

  2. Donna Hataway says:

    Hello Chris, Sue, and Misha

    Loved the art tour on this website. Good for you, Chris. Some of the flowers remind me of the ‘secret’ flowers on the sidewalks of SF. Hope you all are well.