Moods of Norway

After weeks it seems, of rain and sun biting each others tails, everything is greener than it has ever been!

It’s humid, gren and beautiful.

So in between the final stages before the photo-shoot next week, one on Monday and one on Wednesday, that I’ll tell you more about later, and packing for San Francisco, I’ve gone for runs and walks in the woods and along the beach.

Healing, absolutely healing.

I’ve gathered rocks and blue seashells for a small necklace idea I have.

And I’ve made a jewelry kit filled with the gifts of the ocean for friend of mine and her sweet daughter, to make necklaces from in a place far, far away from an ocean.

Now, tonight, my mother, brother and I will attend the fantastic Moods of Norway fashion show.

Crazy, fun and traditional with a twist, you can count on the boys from Moods of Norway to deliver a over the top show, and did I mention the show is in a barn?

But it’s not just any barn, it The Royal Barn at The Royal Farm on a island in the Oslo fjord.

This will be a great night!

I wish you all a great weekend!

See you on Monday.

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