Pimp in the making

Today by the harbor in the capitol of Norway, Oslo, I ran into this great guy.

First, I just observed him from a distance, but in the end I knew I had to get closer and get some shots of this petite pimp in the making.

He had the greatest outfit on, and my photos does not do it justice.

And just so you know, his sister did not dress him.

No, this guy was all self made, and I thought to myself, what does guys like this grow up to be?

I had to smile, he looked absolutely great, and worked his outfit to the T.

Confident, poised, and charming.

I normally hold my cool, but with this display of pimp in the making I totally forgot to ask his age or even his name.

Cant wait to meet him in 15 years and see what he has become!

What is that white square he is holding in his hand?

Oh, thats just his iPhone. Told you he was a Pimp.

Isn’t he great!?

Photos by: Marte Marie Forsberg

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7 Responses to Pimp in the making

  1. Melanie says:

    Awesome. I wish I had all that style.

  2. if jane says:

    oh he is super!

  3. Paige says:

    what a stud!

  4. seriously! he’s got plans.

    just wanted to stop in and say “hello.” happy for you that you are home with all that you love. hoping to see you soon again. am in love with you and your blog as always ;)

  5. Wow. Too cool!!! Everything is just spot on!

  6. Marie says:

    @ all of you: I am so glad you enjoyed. Never met a young “pimp” quite like him, and had to eternalize the moment with some photos:)

  7. I soooo love him!
    Too coool for school!