The Operahouse

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A while ago I went to see the then new Opera house in Oslo designed by the hip and incredibly talented Norwegian Architects from Snøhetta. It is built to represent a mountain. One you can walk on and enjoy from all angels.

Needless to say, I loved it, and spent a whole day walking around enjoying the design, the view and the fresh sea air.

Come join me for a petite walk.

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The walls of glass mirrors the face of the city and plays with the light from the many buildings around. On the rooftop you feel like a bird taking in the vista, filling your lungs with fresh salty air, and your thoughts gain wings to fly.

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I have yet to actually go to an Opera here, but it is on my wish-list for next year.

I hope you will swing by again on Sunday for our petite Sunday special. I have the most amazing illustrator to share with you. One cant help but fall in love with hre work.

See you on Sunday!

Photo by: MMF

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One Response to The Operahouse

  1. rachel says:

    What an incredible building! I wish I could see it in person.