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Marte Marie Forsberg


I am a visual storyteller, author and home cook with a passion for food & travel.

Marte Marie Forsberg is a photographer, food stylist, visual story teller, writer and home cook. Originally from a small coastal town in the south of Norway, she has found a peaceful corner of rural England to call her home with her dog, an English pointer, named Mr Whiskey.

Marte Marie's passion for photography and cooking lead her to write her first cookbook, The Cottage Kitchen, which is a testament to Marie's journey, her story told through one-hundred recipes and beautiful images. 

Her debut cookbook: The Cottage Kitchen, is available on Amazon in the UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND, and in major book shops in the same countries. 

The Cottage Kitchen is less of a collection of recipes as it is Marte Marie's story told through the medium of beautiful imagery and mouth-watering dishes. 

Marte Marie regularly works as a food and lifestyle photographer, working on food and travel articles and creating visual stories for magazines and brands. Her work has been featured in newspapers, magazines and online articles around the world. Her use of photography to tell compelling and heart-warming stories can be enjoyed on her Instagram, in her book, through the recipes site here on her website, and during her Food and Photography workshops around the world.

Her photography and cookery workshops, run over the course of a few days, where guests use their hands in traditional baking and cooking classes and feast on delicious, local and traditional cuisine all with photography as a focus of the time spent there. Her workshops aim to inspire people and provide them with a perfectly balanced experience of learning and indulgence. 


Where it all began...

Marte Marie grew up in the countryside in Norway and spent much time in her mother, Yvonne’s, kitchen. Yvonne taught Marie how to cook from scratch, oftentimes with fresh produce from their garden, and how to be creative with food, to never stop exploring and venturing out from the known into new, uncharted food territory.

She picked up her father’s camera at an early age and always was fond of capturing life on film. She would not return to photography for many years as Marie set off to explore the world. She has travelled, lived, studied and worked everywhere from Japan to the Middle East, the United States and most of Europe.

Food and travel is very close to her heart and is the main influence in what she does today. Her many journeys across the world have inspired many of her recipes.

Today she works with her husband to be, Theo, their little girl, Emma Aleksandra, who comes with them on all their adventures and of course Mr Whiskey. They run the Marte Marie Forsberg Workshops together as a family, often being joined by a special guest teacher or Marie's mother, Yvonne.


This is my invariable advice to people, learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all, have fun!

/  Julia Child  /